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Interview with Dr. Mohd. Zamzam Jaafar, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation

"NPA 2017 is listed as an activity under ASEAN NEC-SSN and Malaysia is still pursuing the nuclear option." Download the interview to read more

Interview with Dr. Taswanda Taryo, Principal Researcher of PTKRN-BATAN, Serpong

"One of the advantages of nuclear is that they are green, very competitive and to be able to provide bigger power of electricity." Download the interview to read more


Interview with Gerald Ouzounian, International Director, French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (ANDRA)

"The unique risks for any country developing nuclear power are safety and proliferation (safeguards). A strong state control is mandatory for developing confidence." Download the interview to read more

Interview with Jamal Khaer Ibrahim, Director, Nuclear Power Programme Development, Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC)

"The impact of the global view on nuclear energy development in ASEAN arising from recent developments on the nuclear power projects in Vietnam may vary according to particular perspective of external entities outside ASEAN." Download the interview to read more

Interview with Tiina Tigerstedt, Independent Advisor, Senior Policy Advisor to Sass Consulting and Former Stakeholder Involvement Officer, IAEA

"Sharing experiences, good practices and lessons learnt is one collective way of approaching and addressing issues concerning public acceptance.Download the interview to read more

Interview with Jumpei Matsumoto, Senior Manager, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Inc.

"Today, the ASEAN countries have a high level of economic growth, and their energy demands are increased remarkably." Download the interview to read more


Interview with Eric Mathet, Licensing Manager, ATMEA

"Nuclear projects in Malaysia could become the biggest key driver for ASEAN region, because, now that Vietnam nuclear power projects are likely to be postponed or cancelled, Malaysia should be a first runner in ASEAN region from progressing perspective." Download the interview to read more

Interview with Peter Bird, Senior Advisor, Rothschild Global Advisory

"Nuclear Power is essential as a base-load complement to intermittent renewables in fighting climate change." Download the interview to read more


Interview with Kumiaki Moriya, Corporate Chief Engineer, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy

"The industry will gain more important role as it contributes not only to the personal life but also economic/industrial development around the globe." Download the interview to read more


Interview with Anthony Wetherall, Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore

"It remains to be see whether the potential future deployment of SMRs, together with innovative contacting and ownership approaches, may influence nuclear new-build in SEA." Download the interview to read more

Past Speaker Interviews


 Interview with Ouyang Honghao of China Nuclear Power Operation Technology  Corporation (CNPO)

"Nuclear energy is an indispensable part of today's global energy mix. It provides 11% of the world's electricity." Download the interview to read more



 Interview with Agneta Rising, Director General, World Nuclear Association

"When the challenge of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions can seem so daunting electricity generation is one sector where we can make major cuts provided we use nuclear energy." Download the interview to read more

Interview with Dr. Khoirul Huda, Deputy Chairman, Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (BAPETEN)

"So, when Indonesia reached the status of an emerging country, most people who are involved in the nuclear power programme are approaching retirement. They know everything about the programme, but they will be soon facing out." Download the interview to read more